Other than turning the calendar to December, there are sure-fire ways to know it's the holiday season in Grand Junction.

Living in an area that doesn't get a lot of snow, we don't get that same holiday feel that other places do, so here are a few easy ways to know we're getting ready to holiday.

Lights on houses

One way to tell is the number of houses that light up with all kinds of holiday spirit. For some, it's that one opportunity to show off your cool house with cooler lights and for others, it's an expression of what the season means to them. Whatever the reason, we sure like seeing those homes all lit up and festive.

More people shopping

Gone, for a little while, anyway, are those lovely times you could walk into just about any store and get in and get out with just what you came to buy. Replacing it are elbow to elbow shoppers all cruising the store for the same things. Gifts. Have you noticed it really doesn't matter what part of the store you're in? Shoppers are everywhere, be kind.

More traffic on the roads

Another easy way to tell it's the holiday season are the number of cars on the road. During those non-holiday times, you can pretty much get anywhere you're going in the Grand Valley fairly quickly. But not during the shopping season. This is the time of year to take those deep breaths and relax while driving. Take some extra time, let someone into your lane with a smile. gove up that parking spot to someone who looks like they would actually appreciate you doing that.

Yes, you can definitely tell the holiday season is upon us, so holiday this year with a smile.

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