Chris Janson got a major surprise backstage at the 2019 ACM Awards on Sunday night (April 7). The country artist was hanging out backstage when he heard Reba McEntire coming down the hallway to, as he soon found out, present him with the Video of the Year trophy.

"I was totally taken by surprise," Janson admitted to The Boot and other outlets in the media room backtage. "I am so un-surpriseable usually, but my whole team knew, including my wife, which I cannot believe she didn’t tell me."

Janson's "Drunk Girl" music video won him the 2019 ACM Video of the Year honor. He says the moment "was exactly, if you could ever have planned it, it was exactly how I would have wanted it to be."

"I was standing backstage and I heard Reba coming down the hall, in typical Reba fashion, loud proud and ready to be there, and it was awesome," Janson shares. "She changed our life once again ... It really meant a lot to me; it really did ..."

Janson's Video of the Year trophy is his first ACM. Previously, he's been nominated three times: once for Single Record of the Year and twice for New Male Vocalist of the Year.

"I used to tell people -- before I won an ACM, or any other award for that matter -- I used to say I got into this for music and songs, and I truly did, and I still stand by that," Janson adds, "but once you win a trophy, it is hard to beat. It really is.”

Janson's "Drunk Girl" intersperses the story of a woman who deals with abuse and mistreatment throughout her life finding someone worthy of her affection with shots of the country star performing the song at a piano in the middle of a deserted Broadway in Nashville. Ben Skipworth produced the clip, which was directed by Jeff Venable and filmed very late (or very early, depending on how you look at it) on the Music City party street.

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