This pizza franchise is opening a new location, and Coloradans are loving it.

Have you ever heard of Giordano's Pizza?

Giordano's Pizza has leased a 5,000 square foot shop at 1600 California Street in Denver. With any luck, they'll be open by mid-summer.

Why Denver? Well, according to the Denver Business Journal, Denver has consistently been among the top cities where customers have ordered Giordano's for overnight delivery.

What's unique about their pizza? It seems Chicagoans dig the pizza due to its deep dish, overflowing with gooey cheeses and toppings stuffed inside. Apparently, this is the standard for deep dish aficionados.

How do Colorado residents feel about this? Check out the chatter on Facebook.

Then, of course, there's always that one guy with a different perspective.

I've certainly never ordered a pizza from out of state before. I had no idea people actually did that.

It seems this news really made the day for some residents of Colorado. With the new shop, of course, comes new jobs and new revenue. This sounds exciting. I rarely make the trip to Denver, but the next time I do, perhaps it would be wise to give this place a visit.

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