Forget gas station microwavable cheeseburgers, old rotisserie hot dogs and Funyuns, some gas stations have the ultimate in convenience store food, and it's called the Burritobox. Essentially it's a vending machine that provides you with a warm burrito in 60-seconds which your choice of 6 different flavors.

Each burrito costs $3 and you can choose from shredded beef and cheese, roasted potato, egg and cheese, chorizo, sausage, egg and cheese. You can also get a side of sour cream, hot sauce, or guacamole for an additional cost.

And if that's not enough, the Burritobox also plays a music video or commercial for entertainment while you wait. Currently there are two Burritobox locations, both in the Los Angeles area at a Mobile Station in West Hollywood, Calif. and now at a 76 Century Station on Santa Monica Blvd.

Think Redbox for burrito lovers. Count me in.

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