Monuments are meant to commemorate an event or a person or group of people, so it's not odd that there are monuments in Colorado that are a little out of the ordinary. You won't ever face long lines waiting to see these.

Columbine Rest Area and Memorial-Lafayette

This one remembers the miners of the Columbine Mine. The town the mine was in was named Serene. But what happened here was anything but serene. The union had been on strike for weeks and would gather every morning outside the gates. But on this particular morning, November 21, 1927, the mine ownership and management decided enough was enough. The miners were met with tear gas and gun toting former members of the Colorado Rangers. Six men were killed and 23 were wounded.

Columbus Statue-Civic Center Park Denver

This statue was erected in 1970 to honor the Italian explorer. Not long after that,however,people started looking at Columbus as more of a man who committed genocide against the indigenous peoples. While Columbus has become a pariah to many, the statue still stands, largely ignored.

James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge-Steamboat Springs

The bridge was built in 1993 and stood nameless until the town of Steamboat Springs put the name up for a vote. This one won, and James Brown himself showed up to dedicate the bridge in September of 1993. Over 2,000 people came to watch.

Sabre Toothed Tiger Donation Box-Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I used to love taking my kids by this in Denver. Whenever you drop money into it, it growls. When it was put up, there was no admission to the museum and donations were how they stayed afloat. This was one way to encourage those donations. The mold was actually cast from the bones of an actual sabre toothed tiger.

There's always something new or different, everywhere you look in Colorado!






Source: Westword

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