Colorado weather...give it 5 minutes and it will change. Give it 30 minutes and you could very well get all four seasons in one big bundle. Since moving here, I've actually enjoyed the weather here and even some of the craziest days, whether it was snowstorms, thunderstorms, bitter cold, name it, I've seen it in my almost one year here now. It's crazy but I wouldn't change it for the world because I love Colorado and all of its beauty.

Whether it's the big sky and wide open spaces, and watching those storms roll in or the majestic Rocky Mountains and all of their glory, I just love it all and yesterday, I spent about 2 hours on our porch just watching the storms roll in with my 6-year-old.

It was pretty bonkers with ominous skies as well as the sheer amount of storms that seemed to be rolling in and to be quite honest with you, I was shocked that we got my son's baseball game in late yesterday afternoon.

From my personal vantage point in Weld County, the ominous dark clouds were pretty darn cool...

AJ Battalio/TSM
AJ Battalio/TSM
(technical name: rain shaft)

The hit or miss rains that fell yesterday DEFINITELY hit Greeley, since between 3-4 inches of rain fell in less than one hour.

You can check out some of the crazy pics HERE.

YouTube/ 9News

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