Check out Fritzler Farm Park now open through October 31. I know its quite a drive but maybe take the family on a road trip and see how many corn mazes you can visit on a weekend.

Have you ever been lost in a corn maze? I can remember a few years ago when a family decided to go to a corn maze, and it started getting dark, and the didn't know how to get out, so they called 911. They did have a three-week-old baby with them, so I don't blame them for being scared.

I have been to a corn maze and was very hesitant to go in. I don't like enclosed spaces, and I don't want to be lost and get panicky. None the less I did go, and it was fun! I even found my way out in record time.

There are many corn mazes to choose from, but I picked this one Fritzler Farm Park as it sounded so family friendly. They have a pumpkin patch, fields of fun, scream acres, they even have a beer garden for the adults. It seems like it would be worth the drive.

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