There are a lot of places in Colorado that have been discovered by what are considered to be 'urban explorers,' and one of these places is known by locals of the area as the "Bum Butt Cave."

The 'Bum Butt Cave' is located near Manitou Springs, Colorado, which is a really cool town just west of Colorado Springs in the mountains, and is quite different in nature from the famous Colorado city.

Manitou Springs lives up to its name much more than its eastern counterpart because of the fact that there are spring water drinking fountains throughout the town, which really, truly give it its 'springs' name.

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This particular part of Manitou Springs, however, is quite unique. It has been dubbed the 'Bum Butt Cave' by literally, a random person with a can of spray paint.

However, it is quite a unique place to check out and, although the average person would probably not want to check out this particular part of Colorado, you can easily take a virtual tour here:

Check Out Colorado's Bum Butt Cave:

There is a cave in Colorado with the graffiti of "Bum Butt Cave" written on it:

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