Cemeteries are eerie places in general. Adding a mysterious woman in a black dress to the mix leads us to the story of Colorado's Central City Mason Cemetery.

Central City was a mining town founded in 1859. Known as the "Richest Square Mile on Earth" its riches dried up in the 1800s.

Home to roughly 680 living residents, Central City is also known for its residents that refuse to leave. One of the most haunted and creepy cemeteries in Colorado. The Central City Masonic Cemetery rests just above the town with a story all its own.

As the story goes, every April 5 and November 1, a woman in a black victorian-style dress visits the grave of John E. Cameron. Nobody knows exactly who the woman or John Cameron is, just that they lived in the Central City Area.

In front of Cameron's tombstone lies a flowerpot. The woman in the black dress visits the gravesite and leaves flowers in memory of Cameron.

There's a story of a group of paranormal investigators that visited the site on November 1 with the hope of seeing the woman in black -- they were not let down. At dusk, the woman appeared and two of the investigators tried to grab her. She proved to be too quick and drifted away disappearing into a nearby hillside.


Whether you're ghost hunting or looking to explore Colorado's rich history, Central City is the place to visit.

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