Celebrities both real and fictional are coming out in force to donate to MDA at the Burger King at 1st and White in Grand Junction. Things are starting to get a little crazy. Check out this "who's who" of generous people (and creatures) coughing up a buck to support this charity.

We first shared this info about a week ago. A number of major celebrities including King Kong and Captain Hook had donated a dollar to MDA, and in doing so, had their names placed on certificates on display in the restaurant.

These acts of generosity prompted other well known characters, real and fictional, to step forward and contribute, too.

As of Wednesday, August 17, Mr. Spock, Indiana Jones, Chaka Khan (even though she spelled her own name wrong), almost every member of the Kardashian family, and the entire cast of characters from The Big Bang Theory have stopped by to donate.

In one of the photos you'll see where a couple of radio jocks out of Grand Junction scrounged up a buck to donate.

This is really starting to get fun. Okay, I admit it - I'm the one who donated a dollar under the name "Mr. Spock." Get involved. Let's see who will donate next.