Dedicated volunteers, some wearing full firefighter gear, completed an amazing ten-mile uphill run yesterday in Cedaredge, Colorado.

In the end, people had a memorable time raising funds for the annual 9-11 Honor Run.

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September 11 Memorial Run in Cedaredge, Colorado

If you drove Highway 65 between the Gunnison River bridge and the town of Cedaredge, you probably spotted the volunteers lining the highway. They were there to support and cheer on the runners participating in the ten-mile run.

Amazing Runners In Extraordinary Conditions

Several of the runners, including the events coordinator, Bill van Houten, completed the run wearing full firefighter gear. Please remember, this was a ten-mile uphill run.

More Fun at the Finish Line

Check out the gallery below. If you are under the impression the firetrucks are hosing down the runners as they reach the finish line, you are 100 percent correct. That is precisely what took place.

After running ten miles uphill at a high elevation, getting sprayed by fire trucks is probably just what the doctor ordered. While not particularly hot on Sunday morning, running in firefighter gear would have to be grueling, even under the best of conditions.

A Very Successful Year

The 9-11 Honor Run began in 2021 as a fundraiser for an area firefighter and his family. According to the Delta County Independent, after a successful inaugural year, it was decided the town would host the event again. Participants for this year's event were expected to quadruple the number from the inaugural year.

It's Not Too Late To Participate

The run is finished for the year, but you can still participate with the 9-11 Honor Run Foundation. Donations can be sent to 14813 Highway 65, Eckert, Colorado, 81418. Please make checks payable to the 9-11 Honor Run.

Cedaredge Colorado Wraps Up an Awe Inspiring 9-11 Honor Run

Yesterday, Sunday, September 11, 2022, the town of Cedaredge, Colorado hosted yet another unbelievable 9-11 Honor Run. Runners completed the 10-mile uphill run, ending at the Cedaredge Volunteer Fire Deparment. Some runners completed this task in full firefighter bunker gear. Check out these images captured at the finish line.

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