For anyone who had driven I-70 around the Denver area you know what kind of shape I-70 is in.

The Colorado Department of Transportation announced during its Infrastructure Week that there are plans in place to make some needed changes and improvements to the highway in the Denver area.

Part of the proposal is to expand I-70 westbound from two to three lanes and to improve the area between US 6 and Floyd Hill to add walls, increase line of sight and make the curves and bridges a little easier to navigate.

Also, CDOT is wanting to smooth the grade as well in order to make it a more gradual ascent and descent.

All of these are wonderful, needed improvements, but here's the problem.


These projects look to cost around 500 million dollars and unfortunately, they don't have the money for it. CDOT will be meeting to discuss the budget and the projects that have been mandated by the Federal government's STIP (Statewide Transportation Improvement Program).

Being cash strapped means the Department will have to get creative to fund it, and is hopeful they will be able to move forward on the project.

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