Many people have turned away from pain-killing drugs and opiates, in favor of CDB oil, but what is supposed to be THC free may actually have traces of THC in it.

CBD or Cannabidiol is the naturally occurring compound found in the flowering parts of the cannabis plant. The psychoactive element, THC is largely removed from the oil, but like with fat-free foods, you can't get all of it all of the time.

As a result, people who use CBD oil heavily may actually find themselves failing a drug test because of it.

The oil helps with a variety of issues including pain, tremors, sleeplessness and more, for example. Most of the THC is removed, so those who use it regularly do so without the "high" regular marijuana users experience.

But since no lab can guarantee there is zero THC in the oil, it is best for those who do count on its therapeutic properties to suspend using it if they have an interview and drug test upcoming.

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