In today's world, there is just no escaping the watchful eye of a video camera.

We expect cameras to be watching us while we shop and even when we are in a store parking lot. Surveillance videos are common in residential areas and in the workplace. Now, even some vehicles are equipped with cameras watching everything that happens around the car. That is unfortunate for this woman,  who caught keying a man's vehicle.

Thanks to automobile video technology, not only was this woman's act of vandalism caught on video, she was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.

Alan Tweedie, of Broomfield, was at a high school soccer game and upon returning to his vehicle and discovered the damage to his Tesla, which happened to be equipped with several motion sensor cameras. The cameras provided some great images for Broomfield Police, who were able to apprehend the suspect.

Not that you necessarily need it, but here's a reminder for the next time you think about doing something a little shady. Chances are, you're going to be on candid camera - and you won't be smiling.

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