Did you hear that iron token in Monopoly has been replaced by a cat!

It's true! Hasbro officials made the decision using fan votes from their "Save Your Token" campaign on Facebook, which I never even heard of!

How am I supposed to "save my token" if I didn't even know I was supposed to?!

I'll be honest I'm disappointed we changed it at all, that our history, our heritage! Kids born from here on wont even know there use to be an iron playing piece!

I know it's a little of over the top, but I always picked this sad little game piece when playing because I thought it was like the last kid out, the one nobody ever chose . . . oh well I guess you can't save em all!

Of course man's beast friend the "Scottish terrier" playing piece led the poll with 29% of the votes.

The Cat, beat a robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring to become the new piece.

What would you have chosen? Post your choices below

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