It's likely you have never pondered the answer to the question, "can you actually eat ham and beans with a fork?" If that's true, today's your day.

Before we address the more pressing question of CAN you eat ham and beans with a fork, another important question must be addressed. Why WOULD you try to eat ham and beans with a fork? The answer, obviously, is because you don't have a spoon. What other reason could there be?

There are two possible explanations for not having a spoon with which to enjoy your lunch of leftover ham and beans. One, you simply forgot to pack a spoon in your lunch box, and two, your place of employment, for some inexplicable reason, only carries plastic knives and forks. The fork option seems much more viable than trying to down a bowl of ham and beans with a knife.

So, left with the options of a knife or a fork, it becomes a matter of will and determination to overcome the handicap of not having the proper utensil. Eating ham and beans with a fork could be likened to buttering your toast without a knife, or cutting your rib eye steak with a spoon. It's not the ideal scenario, but it can be done.

I'm pretty sure I have never attempted such a feat before, but I can no longer say that. I have discovered it can be done, and I have joyfully and successfully completed the task of eating ham and beans with a fork. Yes, Virginia, you really you can eat ham and beans with a fork.

I was up to today's challenge, but don't expect me to use a fork on tomorrow's cream of wheat!