You never know what name is going to take off so I thought it would be fun to come up with some new names for some local drinks and find out what you had to say.

How about the Grand Junction Geyser, Peppermint Mesa, the Grenadine Grand Mesa, the Palisade Patty, Palisade Peach Snap, the Palisade Peach Slide, the Orchard Mesa Bomber.The Delta Bomb Squad, Montrose Fuse, or the Montrose Julep.

The weather is so hot and when you need to cool down you want something refreshing. It does not have to be alcohol how about a virgin drink. The Peach Spritzer From Palisade, try fresh peaches, sprite or ginger ale add lemon or lime and some sugar and a peppermint leaf to top it off now that would make a nice refreshing summer drink.

The list goes on, see if you can come up with some names that sum up our area or a new refreshing drink.

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