What do you do when you get fed up with the high rent in your area? You move out. What if you're the landlord? In this case, the landlord is fed up with the high cost of living, so he's moving to Colorado, and he's invited his tenants to come with him.

Tony Hicks owns three rental properties in San Jose. He is so fed up with the high cost of living in the Bay Area he decided to move. He, of course, didn't want to leave his tenants out in the cold. His solution? Bring the tenants with him.

Hicks sent out the invitation to his renters. According to News Channel 13, seven tenants agreed to make the move. Hicks and company will make the move to Colorado, specifically Colorado Springs, sometime in March.

Will they be living in separate properties? No. He and his tenants will be moving into a four-bedroom home. Hicks purchased the home with the money received from the sale of his San Jose properties.

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