Big Game equals Big Money. Are you willing to spend what it takes to get there?

For the Broncos fans here on the Western Slope, if you have thoughts of going to the Big Game, you may have to sell a body part.

From the website, reports are that tickets for Super Bowl 50 between the Broncos and Panthers are climbing in price.

Face value on tickets for this game is anywhere from $500-$1,600. Not too bad, you say to yourself. However, not too many people actually pay face value. According to StubHub, tickets are going for as low as $1,222 up to $5,500. SeatGeek lists their prices as $3,300-$12,000.

$12,000 for ONE ticket? That's nothing, one lower club seat sold Monday for $27,983. Are you sure that's American dollars!?

So, maybe staying at home might be a better choice for Game Day. Plus, you can pause it and use your very own, private rest room when ever you want.




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