Brantley Gilbert knows how to disguise certain items so they don't look menacing. . . find out his trick here!

You may have noticed BRANTLEY GILBERT is always wearing chains and dog tags and brass knuckles.  It's a lot of heavy metal . . . and it must be tough to get through airport security, right?

Apparently not, because Brantley has been CHEATING THE SYSTEM.  First of all, he doesn't take it all onto the plane.  He tosses it into his luggage at the airport and then checks his bags just like everyone else.

He says, quote, "I got a pair of brass knuckles that has a knob on it, like, you can use it for a belt buckle, and I hook it to a belt, and that's how I get my brass knuckles everywhere."

In the picture above you can see Brantley wearing his tags and his brass knuckle necklace.

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