Brantley Gilbert closed his Take It Outside Tour in Colorado last weekend and saved a very emotional moment for fans at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre. Staff Sergeant Justin Patterson joined "The Weekend" singer onstage, thanking Gilbert for all he's done for him over the last 16 months.

Friday night's (Oct. 14) show also featured Justin Moore and Colt Ford, but Patterson's appearance was most memorable. Sixteen months ago he gave Gilbert his Purple Heart because he was so moved by everything the singer did with the Wounded Warrior Project. They've kept in touch, and Patterson indicates that Gilbert has been critical in his ongoing battle with PTSD. Gilbert has spoken about how he keeps contact with several veterans and fans in need that he meets while on the road. Many times, he's even taken their late night phone calls.

"He helped save my life," Patterson says at the end of his time on the Red Rocks stage. The emotional exchange stopped the show. Patterson told his story fighting back tears, explaining why he gave away one of his three Purple Hearts. He was a sniper in the Army at the time.

"Don't ever forget. The real heroes never came home," Patterson reminds. "The only way you can honor them is to never forget just like Brantley does every time he's around."

Gilbert may have closed one tour, but he is preparing for another. This month he announced his new The Devil Don't Sleep album will drop Jan. 13. A tour of the same name begins Feb. 3.

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