According to the school, the lunch debt stands at $232,000, so the $20,000 she has raised doesn't seem like much of a dent. Now that the word is out, more people are not only donating to Kate's efforts but are starting something similar around the country.

Lacroix's efforts have become a national story and it has been told on Good Morning America as well as National Public Radio and other programs, the effort is gaining momentum.

Despite the huge amount of outstanding lunch debt, children are still fed a full lunch. Last year the district had to write off over $96,000 due to unpaid lunch debt. If a family has signed up for the subsidized lunch program, that amount is not included in the debt. And it is hoped more families will apply for the program in order to save the district money, but for those who don't qualify or don't know how to apply, at least they won't go hungry.

Proof once again that not all heroes wear capes.

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