I Loved talking to Billy Dean who will be here performing in Grand Junction this Saturday. I met him before when I worked in Colorado and did not think he would remember me but he did. I have always loved Billy Dean and the songs he writes. He is always trying to make a difference in the world. He has written several hits including
'Let Them Be Little,' 'We Just Disagree,' 'Billy the Kid,' 'If There hadn't been you,' 'Only Here For A Little While,' 'Somewhere In My Broken Heart,' and the list goes on.

Billy is currently working on a new album and most recently wrote a song that was inspired by Melania Trump and her Child Wellness Initiative. The name of the song is 'Be Best.' He had written the song in his hotel room and performed it at the luncheon at the Whitehouse. He plans to include it in his next album.

Billy is also working on a screenplay about his father and his uncles who grew up in an entirely different world than the one we live in now. His Dad was in the military, fought in world war 11, and had a rough edge a strong man who wanted Billy to be as strong. In those days, you had to be tough and his father was. We will look forward to seeing this movie on the big screen. In the meantime you can catch Billy Dean performing is 90's hits at the Two River Convention Center in Grand Junction this Saturday at 7:00 pm it's 'A Sweet Night With Billy Dean.'

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