You have a chance to get qualified to win a pair of Major Mortgage Country Jam Military Day passes just for voting in the Country Shootout. You can also get second chances at winning by entering the winner of the Country Shootout each day into the VIP Club Listen & Win. Today Billy Dean goes up against James Wesley.

James Wesley, known as a farm boy, just came out with his latest single. We saw Wesley at Major Mortgage Country Jam last year sporting his Farm Boy hat and shirt. You might remember the commercial from Dodge that came out during the Super Bowl that said, "And  on the 8th day, God looked down and said 'I need a caretaker'. So God made a Farmer." Wesley gets his inspiration for this song from that commercial. Here is Wesley's latest hit 'Thank a Farmer.'

Billy Dean recently came out with a new album called A Man of Good Fortune. Dean's last album came out in 2010 and it didn't produce much on the Country charts. So Dean is giving it another try with his latest single 'I Can't Leave a Good Thing'.

Now its time to vote for your chance to qualify for a pair of Major Mortgage Country Jam passes to Military Day. All you have to do is vote and at 1:40 we will announce the winner of the Country Shootout and the qualifier for the Country Jam passes.

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