Is Bigfoot real and living his best life in the forests of western Colorado? According to Reddit — maybe!

Google Earth has been known to provide us with some odd photos, to say the least, but it appears that Google's satellite cameras might have accidentally photographed the elusive Sasquatch, otherwise known as Bigfoot.

Shared on a Reddit sub-forum dedicated to all things Bigfoot, the Google Earth image shows a dark, Bigfoot-shaped something seemingly trekking through the deep woods of Colorado.

"Is it a bear? A puddle? A hiker without gear? Impossible to say for certain, but the darker areas of the subject align with the shadows of other objects nearby," the Reddit user who shared the image captioned the mysterious visual, estimating that whatever it is seems to be over 7 feet tall.


In the comments section, a hiker who claims to be familiar with the area shared that they lived around the spot of the Google Earth "sighting" for 26 years and even "used to camp and hike" there.

"There was one section on that loop hike that sometimes gave me the willies in a vague and undefinable way, and at least one other person I know said the same thing about that area. I don't know about the image, but I do know that the Uncompahgre Plateau is big, rugged, and at least POTENTIALLY squatchy," the user wrote.

However, more skeptical users believe the image matches other photos found online that could indicate the photo merely shows groundwater or "the start of a lake."

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