Happy National Tequila Day. Between the holiday and the fact it's 100 degrees outside, today is a great opportunity to enjoy an adult beverage. Where's the best place in Grand Junction to celebrate?

Tequila. Okay, you can drink it straight, assuming you're willing to buy the good stuff. How else can you enjoy tequila?

  • Margarita
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Paloma
  • Juan Collins
  • Tequini
  • Brave Bull
  • Envy Cocktail
  • Bloody Maria
  • Passion Cocktail

Hold everything! What exactly is a Juan Collins? According to The Spruce Eats:

Juan Collins makes the list of essential tequila cocktails because it shows off a fine tequila in such a wonderful way. Use reposado tequilas for this variation on the popular Collins drinks (John Collins, Tom Collins) in which lemon, sugar, and club soda allow the spirit to shine through in all its glory.

Okay, that's a new one on me. Sounds interesting. Of course, the Margarita and the Tequila Sunrise are old standbys.

So, which will you enjoy today? More importantly, where will you enjoy them? Vote for your favorite. If you don't see your choice on the list, write it in and your selection will be added to the poll.

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