Today was the day I finally got around to purchasing a new camera battery. For the last year my $600 camera was sitting around useless because I was too cheap to buy a battery. One problem - I think I got hosed. Where's the best place in Grand Junction to buy a new camera battery?

Okay, so this isn't a life decision like buying a new house or choosing a career. This is a camera battery we're talking about. Only thing is, the prices on these things seem to vary drastically.

There are several places where one can purchase a camera battery:

  • Box stores
  • Battery stores
  • Online
  • Technology stores
  • Office supply stores
  • Camera stores (duh)

Personally, I don't like to shop online. We have local merchants trying to stay in business. With that in mind, there are still several local places from which to buy.

I won't divulge where I ended up buying the new battery. I will say, however, the battery I purchased was from a higher-end manufacturer. This was no cheapy. Then again, I don't work for National Geographic, and don't necessarily need the best battery money can buy. It seemed wise to split the difference and go down the middle with a high-end, yet commercially available battery.

After the fact, it seemed wise to search online. It appears you can buy knock-off brands at about half the price. Are they only half as good? Who knows?

While I don't know this for certain, I can't help but think the same battery, made by the same manufacturer, is available at a number of stores in the valley. Somehow, I suspect they might be cheaper elsewhere.

Yes, I'm being a miser. Then again, batteries, even the knock-offs, are still pricey. I'm a buffoon when it comes to this kind of thing. Help a guy out.

Yeah, it's just a battery. At a price of over $30, though, it's also an investment. Camera batteries aren't groceries; you don't buy them everyday. When you do buy them, where will you find the best deal in the valley?

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