What is the one thing, (funny or serious), you think every tourist should leave Grand Junction with?

A recent article, on the website yahoostyle.com, went through all 50 American states and came up with the one ultimate souvenir you have to have from each one.

If you want to look through them all, search for your favorite state or even your home state if you are not a native to Colorado, you can click here for the entire list.

I had to look up my birth state of Wisconsin and I was not shocked. It had something to do with BEER. A Pabst Blue Ribbon beer stein from their gift shop in Milwaukee. You could have gone Miller, Natty Light and even Leiny's for the Northwoods people.

But, I did look up our great state and the article narrowed it down to - 'TA DA' - rocks. Yup, rocks. More specifically rocks from the Rock Doc in Nathrop. I had to look this up. It's located between Buena Vista and Salida.

Is that good enough for you or could we come up with something different?