Saturday when we left for Moab we fueled up for $2.97 a gallon! I noticed yesterday it had gone down even further! Where are the best fuel prices in town?

Not only that, why are gas prices dropping?

Not that I'm complaining! I haven't seen prices under 3 bucks in . . . I don't know how long! But it's strange to me that during a busy holiday season when demand is high due to all the travel that prices are going down. Someone needs to explain this to me . . .

  • Levi Vigil I could explain it but would need charts and graft s. Not sure I could put them in the comments.
  • Joleen Mckinnon said, "that's a good question! i am not complaining either but, it is odd with all the natural disasters going on that gas is going down...that's usually their best excuss for it to go up!"
  • Shirley Lewis Bradbury said, "Holy cow, thanks for the note. I have not seen under-$3 gas for years it seems ... fill up fast!! And now I wonder what the scheme behind it is ..."
  • Doug Baugh explained that, "Price of oil dropped to the $80's/barrel and driving season is over (less demand). Let's hope it lasts through spring. When I think it's bottomed out, I will stock up my gas cans again."
  • Joanna Shaw said, "As the price goes down with the stock market it drops it here yes we get cheaper gas but it signals another drop in the economy before the skyrocket again. Hopefully one day it will decrease due to an abundance of supply"
  • Dustin Shepardson said, "It's because Obama's plan for US energy independence has worked!!!.... not really! lol!"
  • Todd Sommerville said, "People are not traveling as much so demand is down and up here in North Dakota we are producing more do that helps too! You're welcome... lol. And the only thing OB has done is not try to stop it."

Regardless, I got a ton of feedback from listeners all across the Grand Valley this past weekend where to go for the best gas prices in town:

  • Primerica Kevin Kees said, "It's 2.94 in Fruita"
  • Rose Hoback said, "gas at maverik in fruita is 2.88 a gal"
  • Stef Reel said, "I got my gas at City Market the other day for $2.79 a gallon... They are giving double reward points for the holidays, but gas prices have gone down. Guess Obama is granting us lower gas prices as a gesture of good!!"
  • Mrb Mellon said, "avg price in clifton or GJ looks to be 2.97 to 3.09"
  • Crystal Holman said, "at sinclair its 2.92 a gallon"
  • Stephanie Boone said, "shop and city market and save I got gas for 229 with my gas points"
And out of town prices:
  • Levi Vigil said, "Filled up yesterday for 2.83 here in phoenix"
  • Mark Huffman said, "2.84 in Colorado springs"
  • Rachel Fronczek Sabbatis said, "wish our gas station in Debeque would drop there prices still holding at $3.50ish"
  • Sharon Douglas said, "in Craig lowest I have seen since Thurs. is 3.55"
  • Katie Settle said, "When I go home, I gas up in Casper. After reading this I checked the prices there & its $2.64!! ALWAYS the lowest (dang it!)"
  • My Aunt Elizabeth Leonard said, "We paid 3.09 in LV at SAMs. A lot better than 3.69 here in IS. Drive safe and let us know when you get there! Mel is real sick today. Hoping it passes so she can enjoy Christmas!"

How much is gas where you are?

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