Sunday we all got to see a fantastic end to another NFL season as the Kansas City Chiefs knocked off the San Francisco 49ers in the last few minutes of the game to become the champions. And if your buffet of food was anything like what I was eating the game was even better. I was enjoying lots of ribs, potato salad, and lots of chips with homemade guacamole.

The only problem I had during the Super Bowl was deciding when I was going to run to the bathroom because I didn't want to miss any of the hilarious Super Bowl commercials that were playing when the game was in a time out. After the game, I posted on Facebook to see which commercials were loved the most by people here in the Grand Valley and these were the ones that everyone enjoyed.

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    The most popular commercial for everyone seemed to be Sam Elliott and Lil' Nas X with their Doritos commercial.

  • 2


    The next most popular commercial seemed to be Bill Murray doing his remake on Groundhogs Day in the Jeep commercial.

  • 3

    Rocket Mortgage

    Next up on popular Super Bowl commercials would be Jason Momoa and his Rocket Mortgage commercial.

  • 4

    Planters Nuts

    Also mentioned as a favorite Super Bowl commercial was Planters introducing Baby Peanut.

  • 5


    And finally, the commercial that almost brought everyone to tears was the Google commercial.

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