As hard as it is to believe, there's still at least one perfect bracket out there for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

I've never given much credence to psychics, palm readers, and fortune cookies, but I may have to give the matter some second thought after hearing about Brad Binder's perfect bracket. Through 33 games, Brad has correctly picked the outcome of every game in the tournament.

If Brad isn't psychic, how else could he have known that perennial favorite Duke would be eliminated right off the bat by #14 Mercer? How could he have expected that Harvard would take out Cincinnati, or that Dayton would take out Big Ten power Ohio State?

Unfortunately, Brad is not making plans on how to spend his million or billion dollar prize if he stays perfect. You see, Brad failed to enter the KOOL 107.9 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge, or the Warren Buffet Billion Dollar Challenge, or any other big money bracket.

According to ABC News on Yahoo, Binder simply entered the bracket contest just "for fun to see what happened."  Are you kidding me, Brad? What were you thinking? As long as you're doing a bracket anyway, you might as well go for the big money. Are you crazy?

Of course, who am I to be talking. Our company offered a million dollar bracket challenge to its employees, but did I do it? The answer is no, and the reason is I simply forgot to do it. Of course, as it turns out, it doesn't matter. My bracket lost it's state of perfection in the opening hours of the NCAA Tournament. Otherwise, I'd be sitting here kicking myself - as Brad is doing --wishing upon wishes I had entered the big money challenge. There's nothing worse than winning a million dollars - and then not really winning it.