When hiking Colorado, you can expect to encounter everything from mountain vistas, waterfalls, sandstone, and arches. What about Colorado's most "beautiful" trails?

Each trail features its own unique qualities. Some are more challenging than others. Then again, some feature magnificent scenic views. Here's a list of ten of the most "beautiful" trails in Colorado according to Fox In The Forest.

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The Most 'Scenic' Trails In Colorado

The website Fox In The Forest states, "Colorado is a hiking mecca that’s filled with unbelievably beautiful trails." That is an undeniable fact. For this reason, they put together a list of "...the most scenic hikes in Colorado."

You'll Find Some Familiar Names

Check out any list of amazing Colorado hikes, and you'll repeatedly encounter names such as Hanging Lake, Garden of the Gods Loop, Rattlesnake Arches, and Cascade Creek to Mirror Lake.

For the purpose of this list, we'll forgo the usual criteria of accessibility, degree of challenge, and amount of use, and focus on "scenic" matters.

Why Were These Trails Selected?

The author of the list, Meg, a.k.a. "Fox," as in "Fox in the Forest," personally selected these trails. According to Meg, "It’s my mission to get you out on the best Colorado hiking trails like a local, not a tourist."

When it comes to finding the best hikes in Colorado, look no further, you’ve arrived. I’ve done all the leg work for you, hiking each of these trails over the years to bring you the real stand-out scenery in the Centennial State. - Fox in the Forest

Colorado's Most Beautiful Hiking Trails

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