This was the scene yesterday in Jefferson County, Colorado. Have you ever had someone break into your car and steal something? Have you ever had a bear break into your car and obliterate it?

First of all, was it the bear that caused the door to fly open? Did it give the door a kung-fu kick causing it to burst open? If you look closely you'll see a rope tied to the door handle. That would be Deputy Barnes at the controls of the rope.

Once the door opens, the bear quickly realizes it's just been busted by the man. Exit, stage left.

This is another reason why we don't leave cars unlocked in Colorado. Obviously, bears possess the ability to work door handles.

Just look at the interior of the car. Granted, some people are real slobs and don't take care of their vehicles. Some let them turn into veritable landfills. I doubt, somehow, the car's interior was this bad before the bear got to it.

I haven't seen anything like this since our dog Buttons went berserk following a close encounter of the weird kind with a cow. We were at a Stuckey's somewhere in the middle of Kansas. It was cool enough we could take Buttons with us on our trip. We carelessly parked the car right next to the fence surrounding a pasture. While we were inside the restaurant a cow came moseying by. Have you ever seen the interior of a 1976 Monte Carlo after it's been ravaged by a 12-pound Lhasa Apso? This bear has nothing on Buttons.

Arlie Jordan

Pictured above: Buttons - ferocious car interior destroyer

This bear sucks. He didn't finish his banana. Here's the good news - no bears or humans were injured in the making of this video.

The events captured in this video occurred yesterday, July 31. Thanks to Deputy Fulenwider for the video.

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