You have a chance to join a very exclusive club. How would you like to join the "Life Savers Club"? There's no membership charge. All you have to do is save lives.

Have you donated blood lately? It's quick, easy, and extremely rewarding. Not only that, but your donating precious, life giving blood. Who knows whose life you'll save.

When you join the Life Savers Club at the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center, you'll enjoy a few perks along the way. How about a $20 Amazon Gift Card? Better yet, how about getting your name on the very prestigious wall of fame.

When you join the Life Savers Club, you'll receive a way-cool punchcard. Do you see that little brown card in the photo at top? You'll note there are 10 notches to be punched. Each blood donation gets you two punches (to the card, not your face.) To complete the punchcard, you'll need to donate five times in 2018. Since you can donate every eight weeks, that gives you a little wiggle room.

I joined the club today (January 25). From start to finish, the entire visit including the questionaire, checking in, blood pressure check, and blood donation, came in well under 30 minutes. You'll notice I wore my Leonard Nimoy tribute t-shirt today.

St. Mary's Regional Blood Center

January is always a lean month for blood donations. Here's your chance to be a part of the solution. This program is fun. Visit the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center as soon as possible. Get your punchcard, and get to it.

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