Many banks offer fraud alerts sent to your mobile phone, but one particular text isn't from the bank, it's a scam.

Various versions of this text are being sent to people but all have this type of warning. 'Suspicious transaction detected in your profile. Enter profile info to avoid restriction.' The text then provides a link for you to click on.

The text I received on my phone appeared to have come from Bank of Colorado and differed from what I normally see as text alerts, so I contacted the bank via their online support.

The representative confirmed the text did not originate from the bank and is a phishing scam. The bank's representative also asked for some basic - none of it personal - information in an effort to assist the fraud department in locating the origin of the text.

If you receive a text like the one above, whether from Bank of Colorado, another financial institution or no specific bank, DO NOT click the link in the text.

It's also a good idea to contact your bank and let them know you received a text you believe is fraudulent.

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