According to the Colorado constitution, "every citizen" can vote if they meet certain requirements, but a move to put a measure on the ballot would change it to "only citizens."

The ambiguous nature of the wording in the Colorado constitution is what is driving those who support the measure, known as Amendment 76, the "Citizens Voter Amendment.

In order to get the measure on the 2020 ballot, they will have to have 124,632 signatures and if they get those, 55% of those voting will have to vote for the measure to pass it. That includes a specified number from each of the 35 Senate districts.

A similar measure passed in North Dakota with nearly 66% of the vote. One is also being done in Florida, which has received over 1 million signatures.

Those supporting the measure are confident they will have the required number of signatures to get the measure on the 2020 ballot.

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