We were having some fun this week asking you about things you should never say on a first date. Avoiding these phrases will help make for a much more enjoyable first date here in Colorado, or anyplace else in the known universe.

As we started seeing the responses come in, it was clear what we had going was a great collection of phrases that could instantly bring any bad date to a close. Suddenly we figured that a list of things to say that could bring a bad date to an end quickly just might be more useful these days.

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So what is your 'go-to' way out of a bad date night? Let's say you agree to go on a date with someone and you end up regretting it about 15 minutes after the date gets started. How can you bring the night to a close quickly without creating too much of a scene?

You could just walk out, but that creates more drama as they'll want to know why. Instead, flip through these phrases you should never say on a first date (unless you want it to end) and have instant ammo the next time you meet someone who just doesn't seem like a good fit.

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Things You Can Say To End An Awful Date Quickly

Take a minute to flip through the responses for a few good laughs and then find the link under the responses that will allow you to add your comment to the list of things we all should never say on a first date. You can also tell us your response by opening our free station app and using the app chat feature.

Colorado Date Night: Bring an Awful Date To An End Quickly With Any Of These Phrases

Our listeners had us laughing up and down the hallways with these phrases to never say when on a 'first date' in Colorado (or anyplace else on earth).

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