Don't you love it when you walk into a Western Colorado business and they offer complimentary coffee? It can be a tire shop, bank, or car lot. Here are a handful of awesome Grand Junction businesses who practice this courtesy. Can you think of more?

Why did this pop into my little brain? Weird things often do. Today I was at my bank and noticed the complimentary coffee I've never taken advantage of. After stopping to think about it, several such businesses came to mind. Here's a short list right off the top of my head.

  • Crossroads Fitness Downtown
  • ANB Bank downtown
  • ANB Bank by the Mesa Mall
  • Big O Tires on Highway 50
  • Big O Tires at 3rd and Rood
  • Discount Tires on North Avenue
  • Western Slope Auto
  • Bellco Credit Union on Highway 50

Not only do these places offer complimentary coffee, some of them go first class. Crossroads Downtown offers a variety of locally roasted Colorado Legacy Coffee.

Crossroads Complimentary Coffee
Waylon Jordan

ANB Bank at 6th and Rood offers their complimentary coffee in the form of KCups. You can choose your own variety.

Thank you to these Western Colorado businesses for thinking of all the coffee junkies like me. I had to switch to decaf a year ago, so I rarely partake anymore. Just the same, it's a very gracious thing to do.

It's safe to say many other businesses in the valley offer this courtesy. Please let me know if I missed anyone.

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