Since when does the Audubon section of Grand Junction's Riverfront Trail feature an awesome waterfall such as this? There's always been a "drain" at this location, but never a waterfall. Where did it come from?

Western Colorado saw its fair share of rainfall this last weekend. On Saturday morning, April 1, what is normally not more than a steady "drip" turned into a magnificent waterfall.

Located just west of the spillway at the Redlands canal, this waterfall is typically not much more than a small ditch emptying into the waterway. On Saturday morning, someone turned it up a notch.

Here's what the exact same location looks like on a typical day.

Riverfront Trail on a typical day
Google Maps

The show was not long lived. By Sunday evening, someone turned down the volume and the waterfall was back to its norm.

For the record, this was a nice touch. The amplified output of the waterfall truly complimented the walk.

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