We don't know if astronauts have been complaining about the lack of alcohol available to them in space, but if they have, problem solved.

Ballantine's has solved a conundrum no one probably thought was a conundrum by creating a glass that will allow astronauts to drink whiskey in space without using a straw while in microgravity.


Put simply, this marvel of modern technology is a 3D-printed glass that has a plate which doesn't let the liquid get out.

Unfortunately for those of us stuck here on Earth, the glass will most likely never make it to your corner bar so anyone who gets a little tipsy doesn't lose whatever they're drinking. That's because the glass weighs 22 pounds.

The thought that technology enabling people to drink while hurtling toward Saturn is pretty cool, but it does sound a tad bit foolish. We know you shouldn't drink and drive. Will this lead to a "don't drink and fly a manned rocket" movement?

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