Colorado is not known for insects, but, the reality is we have more than our fair share.

Some of Colorado's insects are beneficial, while others can be harmful to people, pets, and plants. One bug in Colorado you don't want to mess around with is the assassin bug. It's not gonna kill you, but, your encounter would be most unpleasant. The assassin bug can commonly be found across the country, and we have these creepy critters right here in Colorado.

Where Will You Find Assassin Bugs In Colorado?

According to, assassin bugs can be found hiding in bushes, garden plants, and ground cover. However, they do not feed on plants. The plants are actually their hunting grounds. They hide in the plants and wait for their prey to come close so they can attack.

Assassin Bugs Suck Out Body Fluids

It sounds like something from a late-night monster movie, but assassin bugs are pretty brutal. Their strong front legs allow them to hold their prey down as they stab it, injecting the body with venom. The next step for the assassin bug is to suck the body fluids out of the victim.

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Is the Assassin Bug In Colorado Dangerous To People?

Assassin bugs aren't necessarily aggressive to humans, however, if you accidentally come across one, you're gonna know it. You definitely don't want to pick it up. The bite of the assassin bug is extremely painful and the area around the bite may swell up and become numb. Fortunately, it's not likely to spread disease to you.

Smithsonan Channel via YouTube
Smithsonian Channel via YouTube

Is the Assassin Bug Related to the Kissing Bug?

The kissing bug is a sub-species of the assassin bug, though the bugs don't look similar. The kissing bug has been connected to Chagas disease, which can damage organs and cause severe illness and possibly death.

If you see assassin bugs in or around your home when the weather warms up, you might look into getting a professional to get rid of them, especially if you have kids or pets. Assassin bugs aren't out to get you, but, you could be collateral damage.

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