"We need a price check on a white substance at register three, please."

The Aspen Police Department's Facebook page is a great place to get a laugh and here's proof.

The other day, the APD posted a photo of little baggy on a scanner at a local store. What was in the baggy probably wasn't bought there -- cocaine.

Imagine the fright in the person who left this behind. They won't be happy when they find out the Aspen Police Department has it waiting for them in their lost and found box.

Now we really try to take care of lost and found property like it is our own, putting a lot of effort into returning iphones, wallets, passports, etc. But, if this is your property, we're going to leave it up to you to come and collect it.

So, if you lost your party powder in Aspen, contact the Aspen Police Department.

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