Ashley Monroe co-wrote "Weed Instead of Roses," from her Top 10 country album Like a Rose, with Sally Barris and John McElroy when she was just 19 years old. The humorous (and slightly controversial) song is the singer-songwriter's plea to a partner: If he wants to get romantic, she'd prefer he woo her with something other than the old standby; in fact, she'd rather he substitute the organic, home-grown plant you can smoke for long-stemmed flowers that will soon wilt and die.

The herbal refreshment referenced in the tune isn't the only element that could cause listeners to turn a shade ... well, rosier, considering that whips, chains and sexy underwear are all part of the adventure the singer has planned for herself and her man. Below, Monroe and Like a Rose co-producer Vince Gill share the story behind "Weed Instead of Roses."

Ashley Monroe: I talk to myself a lot, in my head. On the way to this writing session, I heard, "Give me weed instead of roses." I got real tickled.

Sally's just a beautiful writer, a beautiful singer, beautiful soul from Minnesota. But she's real dainty. [John] is not dainty. [Laughs] He's hardcore. So, I went in and I said to them, "I just heard the craziest thing in my head: 'Give me weed instead of roses.'"

John was like, "I love it!" and Sally said [affecting a "dainty" voice], "Oh, that's funny." So we wrote this song, and it got on one of the compilations to Vince, who said he wouldn't do the record unless we cut it.

I was like, "What are you and Amy doin'?'"

Vince Gill: Trust me: Them Christian girls are freaks! You've just got to marry 'em to find out.

Monroe: We were laughing that whole co-write. I was saying, "Let's just go there."

People are either going to love me or hate me for it. But I'm going to sing about what I'm going to sing about. If people can't laugh at it or take a joke, they can listen to something else. [Laughs]

This story was originally written by Stephen L. Betts, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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