Funko Pop dolls have become very popular for collectors, depicting everything from rockstars to fictional characters and other celebrities. Now, an artist has created a Funko Pop figure based on the Blue Mustang sculpture at Denver International Airport, affectionately known by the locals as 'Blucifer.'

Blucifer is a 32-foot tall sculpture just outside of Denver International Airport created in 2008 by artist Luis Jimenez. The sculpture is bright blue with bulging veins and red eyes that light up at night. Like a lot of things at DIA, Blucifer is surrounded by legend. In fact, some believe that the sculpture is cursed, as Jimenez was unfortunately killed by his creation when a piece of the mustang fell on him.

The Blucifer Funko Pop doll was created by an artist whose company is called White Star Customs, and they are selling out fast.

When I originally saw the doll I thought to myself, "I have to have one!" I've never bought a Funko Pop doll, but I figured this one would look great in my office. However, because White Star Customs is producing such a limited run of the doll, they come with a hefty price tag. According to the company's Facebook page, you can buy the doll with a custom box for $200, or just the doll itself for $160.

Despite the high cost of the Blucifer Funko Pop doll, I could see it being a much sought after collector's item for anyone from Colorado who is familiar with the sculpture that haunts the night landscape at DIA.

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