Jail is definitely a place that no one ever wants to find themselves in. However, many who have never actually experienced what it's like first-hand have often wondered what it's like.

If that happens to be you, you're in luck. Keep scrolling to see what it's like to be arrested in one of Colorado's busiest jails.

What's it Like to be Arrested in Colorado?

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You've probably seen countless TV shows and movies that depict characters being arrested. However, in real life, it's just a little bit different.

There are all kinds of steps that make up what is known as processing and below we'll see what it's like to be processed in The Downtown Denver Detention Center.

The jail in downtown Denver is located right in the heart of the city at 490 W. Colfax Avenue just a stone's throw away from the capital building.

If you're unfortunate enough to find yourself being booked into that particular jail, you'll first be taken to the port via police vehicle and escorted inside in handcuffs through a heavy steel door.

Once inside, inmates are searched, stripped of personal belongings, fingerprinted, taken through a metal detector, and will have a photo, commonly known as a mugshot, taken.

After this, incoming inmates will sit in a waiting room area where they are allowed to watch TV and calm down before being taken to a cell, if they behave, that is. If not, inmates are taken to a cell immediately to calm down or, in the case that alcohol and/or drugs are involved, sober up.

This is just some of the process of being arrested in downtown Denver, keep scrolling to see what it's really like to be booked into one of Colorado's busiest jails:

What’s it Really Like to Be Arrested in Colorado?

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