From Horizon Drive to 22 Road, the speed limit on I-70 has been reduced from 75 to 70 miles per hour.

That roughly seven-mile stretch of road has seen some serious accidents and in an attempt to try and reduce those accidents, some steps have already been taken.

Last fall cabling was installed to try and reduce or eliminate vehicles flying through the median. The reduction in speed, it is hoped, will further reduce the chance of accident along that stretch of highway.

Additionally, radar signs telling you just how fast you are going will be installed as well, but what, exactly will a reduction of only five mph do to help reduce the possibilities of accidents along that stretch?

For those who travel west through Utah, the speed limit has been set at 80, so there may be some adjustment period for people used to traveling at a higher speed. The reduction in the speed limit, as well as the signs, should make that seven-mile stretch at least a little safer.

Across the state, I-70 has seen nearly 300 accidents.

Let's hope this helps reduce that number.

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