Governor Polis yesterday signed the first executive order of his administration yesterday, looking to move up the timeline to transition Colorado to electric vehicles.

This executive order also gives the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment steps needed to put together a zero-emissions mandate which will make automakers sell a certain number of electric vehicles in Colorado.

Colorado does well in purchasing electric vehicles, but not all models are available, with manufacturers preferring to sell them to states that have a Zero Admission standard. 23 percent of Colorado's emissions come from transportation like cars, trucks, and buses.

Polis' order exceeds the one signed by Governor Hickenlooper in 2018 which called for lower emissions of gas-powered vehicles.

Health issues from emissions have long been a problem in Denver and other larger cities, and it is hoped adopting zero emissions standards will help improve the health of Colorado's residents. but long term, fewer emissions statewide and a reduction in noise as well.

The question is, will Colorado embrace electric vehicles? Will there be enough affordable choices to make those vehicles available to the general public?

A cleaner, healthier Colorado sounds mighty good to me.

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