Is anyone still wearing his or her wristband to Country Jam? So I left the grounds on Sunday night came home showered for the next day thinking that my wristband will be super easy to get off my wrist. I am single and do not have a roommate or anyone else at my house that can use a pair of scissors and cut the thing off my wrist. I tried myself with a pair of scissors to cut it off but to no avail.

So thinking when I came to work on Monday at 5 am, I would be able to find someone to cut it off but no one is in the building that early. With that being said I went home directly after my on-air shift. I went straight to my kitchen and tried with a knife to get it off and seriously I was sawing away. I'm not kidding I still have the wristband on. So I got to thinking maybe I should just leave it on and see if it will disintegrate in time.

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