Okay, now be nice. You know good and well we're talking about the blue item on the right. What is this thing? Near as we can tell from the picture, it's a cereal/milk separator thing-a-ma-bob. Do you have any ideas what practical use it might offer?

According to the profile, its purpose is to keep the cereal separate from the milk. Why? Unless I missed something, the entire purpose of pouring milk on the cereal was to make it... you know... milky. Why would anybody keep them separate?

Waylon Jordan

As you are no doubt aware, I am weird. I've never used milk in my cereal, so this comes as a complete mystery. If one wanted to keep their cereal and milk separate, wouldn't it make sense to pour the milk in a glass, and the cereal in a bowl?

Is the objective here to insure that the cereal has minimal contact with the milk, thus insuring it remain crunchy? In that case, why not just skip the milk altogether? This is some truly high-tech garbage. Check out the propaganda:

Waylon Jordan

Right on! Steady grip spoon! How many times have you lost control of your spoon when eating a bowl of cereal? Happens all the time, usually with catastrophic results. Less drip reservoir. Yeah! To top it off, an angled tip, to avoid those senseless spoon disasters.