In light of the tragic event that happened in Orchard Mesa Saturday night, what would you do if someone was pounding on your door in the middle of the night? Many comments on our Facebook page stated they would have helped, what would you do?

20/20 hindsight dictates what many of us would have done now knowing the grave seriousness of the situation. Most of us wold have found a way to help in some way -- but! -- can you honestly say that's what you would have done at 2 am?

The KEKB staff discussed the situation and here's what each of us had to say.


First of all, I never answer my door unless I know who it is. Opening your door when you don't know who it is can be trouble. Anyone who knows me can call me and tell me they are at my front door. Second, in this particular case, I'm not sure opening my door at 2 am because someone had just been stabbed is a great idea. I don't know if it's a trick, if that guy is the good or bad guy, or even if the bad guy wants to kill me because I accidentally saw him. Why would I invite danger into my house to harm my family or myself. It's my job to protect them. Would I answer the door? No. Would I call 911? Yes.

Mackenzie Dodge

I have pretty sharp ears! If I heard the commotion outside I would have grabbed my gun and had 911 on the line prior to answering the door. Once I opened the door and confirmed the threat, I would not let the victim in my house. I would wait with the victim, applied pressure where need be, while instructing 911 to my location. I would yell to the suspect that I was armed and if he entered my property I would shoot. All of this I would be doing at the top of my lungs in the hopes that a neighbor would hear and come out as well.

Waylon Jordan

I would definitely help someone if I knew they were in distress. That having been said, there are some rules. I've done this before, with an individual who showed up at my door saying his house was being broken into and he was carrying a weapon. I instructed him to set his weapon down, and step away. I picked up the weapon and set my cell phone on the ground, and instructed him to pick it up. Everything turned out to be exactly as he said, the police arrived, and all turned out okay.

Ok. So what would you do?

Here's what some folks had to say:

And one REALLY upset lady: